A/C Repairs & Service

Air conditioning is rapidly becoming standard equipment in modern cars and plays a valuable role in maintaining driver and
passenger comfort and safety. 

Air conditioning systems should be serviced every two years to keep them clean and working to maximum effectiveness.

During the course of a year, an air conditioning system can naturally lose between 10% to 15% of its coolant gas, which can lead to poor cooling, corrosion, failure of the compressor and odour problems.

If you’re noticing poor cooling, especially in hot weather, bad smells, windows steaming up and generally feel uncomfortable in the car, the air conditioning should definitely be checked.

Fresh air performance check

We are always happy to check your system with a visual inspection. We check the refrigerated air temperature and check the compressor and compressor clutch for performance.

Fresh air check with antibacterial cleansing

We will conduct the performance checks as described above and introduce an antibacterial disinfecting agent through the system.

Full air conditioning service

We undertake the basic performance test described above and take them to a more comprehensive level, checking the pressures in the system and removing air, moisture and refrigerant. We then recharge the system with lubricants and coolant to their prescribed levels.